Giới thiệu về hệ thống HVAC

Introduction to HVAC Systems

Air Conditioning Clinics (Systems Series)

Introduction to HVAC systems that dissects the entire system into five subsystems, or “loops.”

Topics include:

  • Requirements for occupant comfort
  • Five “loops” (airside loop, chilled-water loop, refrigeration-equipment loop, heat-rejection loop, controls loop)
  • Factors that affect decision to choose a chilled-water versus a direct expansion (DX) system
  • Packaged versus split systems
  • Common HVAC system types
  • Single-zone versus multiple-zone systems
  • Constant-volume versus variable-air-volume systems
  • Packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC)
  • single-zone packaged DX rooftop
  • DX split system
  • Chilled-water terminal system (fan coils, classroom unit ventilators, blower coils)
  • Two-pipe versus four-pipe systems
  • Water-source heat pump systems
  • Dedicated outdoor-air systems
  • Single-zone VAV
  • Multizone system
  • Three-deck multizone system
  • Changeover-bypass system
  • Multiple-zone VAV system
  • Rooftop VAV system
  • Self-contained DX VAV system
  • Chilled-water VAV system
  • Double-duct VAV system
  • Factors that impact the selection of the HVAC system

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